Selection methods and the recruitment of women to state courts of last resort

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This study explores whether judicial selection systems influence the gender composition of state courts of last resort. Methods. Women's service is gauged using both the percentage of court seats held by women and whether or not there is a woman jurist on the court. Hypotheses pertaining to women, the court, and the broader political system are also examined. Results. The results indicate no significant selection-induced disparities in women's service. However, there is a strong linkage between court size and whether or not a woman serves on the court, while the level of black service and region are associated with percent court seats held by women. Conclusions. Judicial selection systems may not influence women's service. However, some public policies can influence the recruitment of women to state courts of last resort, although the extent of that impact is determined by how women's representation is conceived.

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JournalSocial Science Quarterly
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StatePublished - Mar 1 1996


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