Measurement of π-p→π0n in the vicinity of the η threshold

A. Starostin, S. Prakhov, B. M K Nefkens, V. V. Abaev, C. E. Allgower, V. S. Bekrenev, W. J. Briscoe, M. Clajus, J. R. Comfort, K. Craig, D. Grosnick, D. Isenhower, N. Knecht, D. D. Koetke, N. G. Kozlenko, S. P. Kruglov, A. A. Kulbardis, G. Lolos, I. V. Lopatin, D. M. ManleyR. Manweiler, A. Maruaić, S. McDonald, J. Olmsted, Z. Papandreou, D. C. Peaslee, N. Phaisangittisakul, J. W. Price, A. F. Ramirez, M. Sadler, A. Shafi, H. Spinka, T. D S Stanislaus, H. M. Staudenmaier, I. Supek, W. B. Tippens

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We report a new measurement of the differential cross section for π-p→π0n from pπ=649 to 752 MeV/c, which is around the opening of the η channel (685 MeV/c). Our data support the main features of the π-p charge-exchange differential cross sections generated by the SAID πN partial-wave analysis. The opening of the η channel has a clear effect on the shape of the excitation function for dσ(π-p→π0n), which is most noticeable in the backward direction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number015205
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 2005

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Starostin, A., Prakhov, S., Nefkens, B. M. K., Abaev, V. V., Allgower, C. E., Bekrenev, V. S., Briscoe, W. J., Clajus, M., Comfort, J. R., Craig, K., Grosnick, D., Isenhower, D., Knecht, N., Koetke, D. D., Kozlenko, N. G., Kruglov, S. P., Kulbardis, A. A., Lolos, G., Lopatin, I. V., ... Tippens, W. B. (2005). Measurement of π-p→π0n in the vicinity of the η threshold. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 72(1), [015205].