Crowns of honor sacred laws of eagle-feath er war bonnets and repatriating the icon of the great plains

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Fools Crow's war bonnet was of the original warrior types, made of immature golden eagle tail feathers, tipped with yellow-dyed plumage, with a double trail that extended beyond the wearer's height. The headpiece is comprised of nearly 100 immature golden eagle tail feathers, likely to have been made from the tails of as many as ten golden eagles or three captured eagles. Chief Fools Crow was a prominent spiritual and traditional leader who earned international notoriety after the Wounded Knee incident of 1973, and was prominent in efforts to introduce American Indian issues to the United Nations. A significant population of the scientific community has perceived the law as a threat to the study of humankind and a threat to the holdings on display in museums. In other words, the Kennewick man controversy can influence the potential repatriation of items that are critical to the survival of American Indian cultures, such as headdresses and other regalia that may not be human remains.

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