Cracks in the Façade: Landscapes of Hope and Desire in Dubai

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Title of host publicationWorlding Cities
Subtitle of host publicationAsian Experiments and the Art of being Global
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StatePublished - Jul 14 2011


  • Billboards, real-estate projects advertised - new lifestyles marketed
  • Brand Dubai, in Asia, Africa - and Middle East, forms of urban presence
  • Brand India, "incredible" - ignoring social and economic chasms in India, a global player
  • Cracks in the façade - landscapes of hope and desire in Dubai
  • Dubai, on world stage as a global city - Dubai, into the most visible spaces
  • Dubai-as-Brand, desirable landscapes - brand images, landscaping hope and desire
  • Dubai-as-lived, landscapes of urban desires - multiple manners, people act out their hopes in Dubai
  • IBEF, marking India - as the "fastest growing free market democracy"
  • India's construction of a global power - circulated, contra the image of India, Third World country
  • Worlding city, as "structured chaos" - spaces of neoliberalizing city, planned and replanned

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