Coherence properties of individual femtosecond pulses of an x-ray free-electron laser

I. A. Vartanyants, A. Singer, A. P. Mancuso, O. M. Yefanov, A. Sakdinawat, Y. Liu, E. Bang, G. J. Williams, G. Cadenazzi, B. Abbey, H. Sinn, D. Attwood, K. A. Nugent, E. Weckert, T. Wang, D. Zhu, B. Wu, C. Graves, A. Scherz, J. J. TurnerW. F. Schlotter, M. Messerschmidt, J. Lüning, Y. Acremann, P. Heimann, D. C. Mancini, V. Joshi, J. Krzywinski, R. Soufli, M. Fernandez-Perea, S. Hau-Riege, A. G. Peele, Y. Feng, O. Krupin, S. Moeller, W. Wurth

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Measurements of the spatial and temporal coherence of single, femtosecond x-ray pulses generated by the first hard x-ray free-electron laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source, are presented. Single-shot measurements were performed at 780 eV x-ray photon energy using apertures containing double pinholes in "diffract-and-destroy" mode. We determined a coherence length of 17μm in the vertical direction, which is approximately the size of the focused Linac Coherent Light Source beam in the same direction. The analysis of the diffraction patterns produced by the pinholes with the largest separation yields an estimate of the temporal coherence time of 0.55 fs. We find that the total degree of transverse coherence is 56% and that the x-ray pulses are adequately described by two transverse coherent modes in each direction. This leads us to the conclusion that 78% of the total power is contained in the dominant mode.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number144801
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number14
StatePublished - Sep 30 2011
Externally publishedYes

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