Can Good Standards Propel Unethical Technologies?

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Katina Michael was appointed as the representative of Standards Australia's CH041 ? Forensic Analysis under the Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA). All of the meetings she attended were very well organized, and provided adequate materials with enough time to digest documentation. Queries were dealt with in a very professional manner both via email and in person. Members of the committee were willing to hear about consumer perspectives when key points had to be raised, but for some the importance of the topic was circumvented by the need to get the forensics right in order for criminals to be brought to justice. The author talks about whether standardization of unethical product is valid or not. While CFA would get some major attention in funding for being leaders, the negative would be that we would also be heavily responsible and accountable for what would come out of the group as they would be the driving force behind it.

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