ULTRA-Ex: Urban Sustainability and Push-Pull Drivers of Residential Change: Washington DC Baltimore Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay BCS 0948947

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Scope of work The central question of the ULTRA-Ex is to understand the dynamics between environmental rehabilitation and urban revitalization using Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as case studies. For this subaward, Dr. Boone will examine the relationship between neighborhood stability and change with environmental equity patterns of tree canopy and open space. Dr. Boone has experience in park equity and tree canopy equity analysis (including analyses for Baltimore). Through existing collaborations with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and this ULTRA-Ex, Dr. Boone has acquired the high resolution tree canopy classifications and the park GIS layers for Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The equity analyses will be performed using 2010 social and housing characteristics by census block group and also related to the degree of stability and change in those characteristics between 1970 and 2010. Based on these analyses, Dr. Boone will co-author a peer-reviewed publication with the principal investigators on the ULTRA-Ex award. He will also develop web-friendly products (e.g. KML) for dissemination of research results and participate in, and contribute findings from this analysis to, the science-community and sciencedecision maker interactions described in the proposal. Dr. Boone will also participate in the stated research workshops with collaborators and mentor undergraduate research at Georgetown and the Consortium of Universities in the Washington-Baltimore area. This work will be conducted at Georgetown University while PI Boone is on sabbatical.
Effective start/end date8/1/121/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $19,272.00


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