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UIA - USA Funds Yr 3 - University Innovation Alliance (ASUF 30005764) UIA - University Innovation Alliance (USA Funds Grant) - Renewal - 2 The University Innovation Alliance (UIA) grew out of a desire by our member institutions to address the disparity in graduation rates across student populations. Like USA Funds, UIA institutions are concerned by the growing performance gap between students of economic means and those of lesser means. We are also troubled by the slow diffusion of student success innovation focused upon serving students across the socioeconomic and ethnic spectrum. Today, high-income students are seven times more likely to attain a college degree than are low-income students. The American economy will face a shortage of at least 16 million college graduates by 2025. The founding members of the UIA are focused on addressing the achievement gap and pending shortage at a time when public funding for higher education has been decreasing. Widening opportunity and performance gaps coupled with a troubling college degree shortage facing our economy call for immediate action. While UIA member universities were making progress in addressing this challenge on their own, their leaders know that by collaborating -- sharing ideas, experiences, resources, and more -- they can accelerate student success innovation and yield positive results for students at a broad scale. As anyone who has worked in or examined higher education can attest, it is very difficult to collaborate at the institutional level. Most universities tend to work alone, in silos. As a result, neither mistakes nor successes get shared, and evolution takes much longer on a national scale. Our hope and belief is that changing this model to encourage more collaboration and idea-sharing will minimize wasted effort and wasted resources and generate more rapid progress. Our member universities have established a clear goal: to transform their campuses into national models of student success and in the process accumulate an empirically proven playbook of interventions, methods, and insights from each transformation to diffuse broadly throughout higher education. Our campus transformation work is targeted to improve performance across student populations on each of our campuses, and collectively graduate an additional 68,000 students over the next ten years (860,000 total), with more than half of these additional graduates coming from low-income backgrounds. In year three, the UIA intends to accelerate progress across the network. Funds will support four program areas: 1) UIA Fellows will continue to advance important initiatives and Alliance activities at the campus level. In addition, fellows will research and advance the UIA's interest in e-portfolios across each member campus. 2) UIA Central Operations will continue to advance a broader agenda for innovation, scale and diffusion of best practices across the higher education sector. 3) An organized Diffusion Campaign will extend the impact of the Alliance's work through local and national media, conferences, and UIA designed events and convenings. 4) Innovation Clusters and Student Success Teams will continue to disperse effective, opensource innovations to the broader higher education community, leading each campus's transformation at the ground level
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/17


  • Strada Education Network: $250,000.00


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