UIA - USA Funds - University Innovation Alliance (ASUF 30005764)

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UIA - USA Funds - University Innovation Alliance (ASUF 30005764) UIA - University Innovation Alliance (USA Funds Grant) The University Innovation Alliance (UIA) represents the collaborative efforts of 11 public research universities to reshape the future of higher education by improving the educational attainment and economic prospects of low-income students. The UIA's shared vision is that by piloting new interventions, sharing insights about their relative costs and effectiveness, and scaling those interventions that are successful, we will significantly increase the number of low-income Americans graduating with quality college degrees and that, over time, our collaborative work will catalyze systemic changes in the entire higher education sector. The purpose of the UIA is to identify, scale, and diffuse a series of promising innovations toward the goal of increasing graduation rates among low-income students and to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the UIA's effectiveness as an innovation process. To achieve the objectives of this project, UIA member institutions will work collaboratively to develop, coordinate, and lead the UIA, creating practical outcomes with value to the movement to increase access and retention at public universities.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • Strada Education Network: $250,000.00


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