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UIA - Great Lakes Fellows 2 (30008124) UIA Fellows UIA fellows are competitively selected professionals who work on the campuses of UIA institutions to support Alliance-related projects, expand institutional capacity, and assist with the communications and dissemination of ideas throughout the network. UIA fellows have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Past fellows have had undergraduate degrees in a wide range of fields (from economics, philosophy, and public affairs, to biochemistry, biophysics, and even fashion design), and most have a graduate or doctoral degree (often in education related fields). Professionally, past fellows have worked in a variety of arenas in and connected to higher education, including private philanthropic foundations that support education initiatives, information technology firms, campus institutional research and planning offices, academic advising, higher education research centers, and education policy. Additionally, the fellows higher education experiences span a variety of educational institutions including both public and private, large and small, teaching and research-focused. What fellows have in common is a passion for using their imagination and skills to solve the most pressing public higher education problem facing our nation today: educational attainment for all students, regardless of socioeconomic background. Fellows are sought through a national search, and once hired they are employees of the individual UIA campuses or their affiliated foundations, depending upon institution preference. Each institution determines its own final selection process. UIA fellows work directly with the associated university liaison to execute UIA-related projects on behalf of their institution. Reporting lines and project work are determined by the host university in coordination with the UIA executive director. Each fellow works on behalf of their assigned member institution but also contributes to the efforts of the entire Alliance. The fellowship term is at least one year, and can be renewed annually. Situated at UIA-member institutions, current fellows (a) operate from varied institutional positions, reporting to a variety of senior leaders and their respective offices, including vice provost for undergraduate education, assistant vice president for institutional research and planning, vice president for strategic initiatives, office of the provost, and office of the president; (b) navigate diverse state and local political and financial contexts; and (c) represent a diverse spectrum of demographic backgrounds. While each fellows role is tailored to their individual member institution, collectively they embody the mission of collaboration as they leverage their knowledge and ideas across their institutions. Intentionally using a variety of technologies, fellows have cultivated rich working relationships that have resulted in the successful planning of alliance-wide meetings and campus site visits, sharing of professional development, and communication of promising practices. Fellows demonstrate to the broader higher education community that valuable colleagues exist across the country in addition to across the hall. Important to the efficacy of the UIA fellowship is the establishment of a set of clear expectations that outline the ways in which the fellow functions on campus and supports the efforts of the broader UIA and its central administration, as well as how the campus works with the UIA central administration to provide the fellow with meaningful professional development. These expectations create a framework within which fellows have wide latitude to meet the needs of their home campuses, while also gaining experience in areas that prepare them for subsequent career opportunities.
Effective start/end date2/1/181/31/20


  • Ascendium Education Group, Inc.: $1,021,250.00


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