Topic Per4-Y-5: Engineered Polypeptide-Based Nanomatrices For Unattended Sensing (Thrust 5)

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This Statement of Work is for a two-year extension to the original proposal titled Engineered Polypeptide-Based Nanomatrices for Unattended Sensing, which is in support of the Basic and Applied Sciences Directorate and the JSTO and Topic Per4-Y-5 Novel Materials for Unattended Sensing to Support Future Treaties. This extension will build on the fundamental knowledge base developed in the PIs laboratory as part of the original proposal on the role of thermal, photothermal, and magnetothermal changes on the behavior of elastin-like polypeptide (ELP)-nanoparticle nanomatrices. Research in the two-year extension period will focus on fundamental studies on the interactions of gamma radiation on polypeptide-nanoparticle systems; the original proposal did not include an investigation into how polypeptide-nanoparticle dispersions / matrices interact with gamma radiation or into the use of these advanced materials for detecting gamma radiation. The effect of gamma radiation on inducing phase changes in polypeptide-nanoparticle systems will be investigated leading towards (1) formation of solidphase matrices from liquid phase solutions/ dispersions and (2) structural damage and release of indicator molecules from pre-formed matrices. These phase changes will be investigated as sensing mechanisms for the incident radiation.
Effective start/end date9/1/1012/31/14


  • DOD: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA): $346,574.00


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