Theoretical Research at the High Energy Frontier: Cosmology, Neutrinos and Beyond

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Theoretical Research at the High Energy Frontier: Cosmology, Neutrinos and Beyond Theoretical Research at the High Energy Frontier: Cosmology, Neutrinos and Beyond This is a proposal to to provide support for the new and growing program of research into high energy physics, neutrino astrophysics particle astrophysics, gravitation, and cosmology being carried out at Arizona State University. The program is ramping up with three cur- rent faculty, Lawrence Krauss, Paul Davies, and Cecilia Lunardini. There are two associated theorists focusing on strong interaction physics, and 6 faculty associated with numerical and observational astrophysics and cosmology. The existing group, Krauss, Davies, and Lunar- dini have assembled as part of an aggressive and exciting major new cosmology initiative at ASU under the direction of Krauss, Davies, and astrophysicist Rogier Windhorst that will involve the hiring of between 8-11 new faculty in particle astrophysics and cosmology{ theorists, experimentalists, and observers{over the next 5-8 years. Both Krauss and Davies are accomplished and well respected theorists with a signicant track record of accomplish- ment. Krauss' research has been supported for over 20 years by the DOE. At his former position at Case Western Reserve University he built up a rst rank national research pro- gram, was PI on a DOE group award for 15 years, and hired 6 new faculty while graduating students and postdocs who went on to faculty positions in leading research institutions. His own students and postdocs now have tenure track or tenured positions at Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Utah, University of Michigan and Washington University St. Louis. The program that he and his colleagues at ASU plan to develop is even more ambitious, with substantial commitments by the University. Two new theorists will be hired in 2009-10 to begin the long-term buildup in this area. Subsequent hires will be divided among theorists, experimentalists, and observers, with a signicant fraction involved in projects of relevance to DOE support such as direct dark matter detection, and probes of dark energy. Paul Davies, who is a Co-I on this proposal has continued his ongoing program in cosmology, while at the same time leading an exciting research program in astrobiology. As a result, we are requesting half-time support from this grant, accounting for his dual research interests. Cecilia Lunardini is a relatively new assistant professor at ASU who has already begun an active program in neutrino physics and astrophysics,, with assistance from a Riken fellowship which has allowed her to spend time at Brookhaven National Laboratory working with theorists there, which will help her play a key role in the growing particle astrophysics program at ASU. Early Universe Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
Effective start/end date8/15/098/14/12


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $755,000.00


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