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The Sustainability Consortium TSC China Grant The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) will continue to support Chinese businesses to identify and capture sustainability improvement opportunities in Chinese product supply chains. With China's enormous impact on global trade systems there is tremendous benefit to be gained if stakeholder groups understand, help build, and adopt TSCs globally-harmonized method of researching, measuring, and communicating sustainability impacts, improvement opportunities and good practices across the full lifecycle of consumer products. TSC research teams in Arkansas and Arizona (ASU) will work directly with the NJU research team to develop new SMRS Product Sustainability Toolkits for 2 new product categories, likely to be in the large appliances and footwear sectors. ASU will provide leadership support, research and team support and is where Lingxuan Liu, TSC's China Coordinator is based. Coordination between NJU and US universities will be handled by Lingxuan Liu, TSC's US based China Coordinator. TSC Membership: Colgate-Palmolive (2020-2021) TSC Membership Renewal (2021) - Colgate-Palmolive Revision 1 TSC Membership: Henkel (2021) TSC Membership: Henkel (2020) TSC Membership: Proctor and Gamble (2021-2022) TSC Membership: Green Seal, Inc. (2020-2021) TSC Membership: Health & Happiness International (2020-2021) TSC Membership: Pioneer Hybrid International (2021) TSC Membership: HMTX Industries (2021) TSC Membership: Clorox TSC Membership: Georgia Pacific TSC Membership: SupplyShift (2019) TSC Membership: Target (2021-2022) TSC Membership: AIEn USA LLC
Effective start/end date5/1/0912/31/22


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $10,738,439.00


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