The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Departments Best-Value PIPS Program

Project: Research project

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The research and support scope of work provided by ASU and the PBSRG to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department (Agency) includes the following: 1. Assist the Agency in developing a strategic plan to investigate and apply Best Value (BV) processes and ideas. 2. Train the Agency individuals (designated as the core team) on Best-Value principles and techniques via on-site visits, distance education, telecommunication, etc. 3. Assist the Agency in investigating, implementing, and all data efforts required for the Best Value - PIPS process on a minimum of one project. 4. Provide a minimum of three (3) on-site visits. 5. Two seats to the annual Best Value Conference (typically held in Tempe, AZ)
Effective start/end date5/1/125/1/13


  • New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Departments: $100,000.00


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