The Basin of Mexico and Yautepec Archaeological Survey Collections

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The Basin of Mexico and Yautepec Archaeological Survey Collections The Basin of Mexico and Yautepec Archaeological Survey Collections Project Title: The Basin of Mexico and Yautepec Archaeological Survey Collections ASU PI: Michael E. Smith ASU Statement of Work The Basin of Mexico, today home to Mexico City, has been one of the most urbanized places in the world for 2,000 years and is a key region to investigate the origins and development of states and cities. The Basin of Mexico settlement pattern survey funded by the NSF and led by William T. Sanders and Jeffrey R. Parsons in the 1960s and 1970s represents a landmark in the history of modern archaeology and stands as one of the most important regional studies of modern archaeology The survey has served as a model for regional settlement pattern projects in other parts of Mesoamerica, and other world regions, including Michael Smiths survey of the Yautepec Valley in Morelos that refined Sanders and Parsons surface collection methods. Data from these surveys, including artifacts collections, continue to be used by researchers to undertake new research on diverse topics. Parsons survey collections must be moved in 2019 from their current location and the Yautepec Valley survey artifacts also need permanent archiving. The goals of this project are to provide for the long-term accessibility and management of the survey collections as irreplaceable scientific data. ASUs scope of work is to expand storage space at the ASU Teotihuacn Research Laboratory to archive the collections there for future research and education. This entails construction to enclose the second floor terrace and a remodel to construct storage space at ASU-managed Teotihuacn Research Laboratory, San Juan Teotihuacn, Mexico, including: 1. Preparation and leveling of existing floor; 2. Removal of existing concrete wall bases and column supports; 3. Tezontle fill to level floor; 4. Construct floor of hydraulic concrete and finish surface; 5. Construct concrete block walls, doorway, window openings and reinforcements; 6. Construct reinforced concrete support columns; 7. Construct reinforced concrete slabs and supports; 8. Roofing materials and construction; 9. Windows and installation; 10. Painting and surfacing of walls and ceiling, roof interior and exterior; 11. Electrical wiring and lighting
Effective start/end date7/5/196/30/23


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $56,006.00


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