Tectonic Geomorphology of California's active faults from high resolution topography: Research and Education via Cyberinfrastructure (ACCESS-G)

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This project will provide one full year of graduate research assistantship at 50% FTE (standard rate; along with modest travel expenses) for Ms. Sarah Robinson as to support her education and research emphasizing the tectonic geomorphology of Californias active faults from high resolution topography. This project will cross train Sarah in earth science topics (tectonic geomorphology and earthquake geology) and in advanced cyberinfrastructure using the tools we have built available at http://www.opentopography.org. This project will bring together both Ms. Sarah Robinson (ACCESS-G) and Ms. Jennifer Dischler (ACCESS-U) in a mini-Access cluster here at ASU. Sarahs major activities will focus on elevating understanding of surface processes operating in southern California using the tools of Cyberinfrastructure with LiDAR high resolution topography. Sarah Robinson has worked with Arrowsmith for the last 18 months on a number of projects related to Geographic Information Systems and LiDAR data processing. She has been admitted to our M.S. program. She will work to produce significant content and adapt tools in close coordination with SCEC CEO and the SCEC community as a whole. She will take courses in software development as well as graduate level earth science courses.
Effective start/end date5/1/098/31/10


  • NSF-CISE-ACI: Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI): $53,503.00


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