STEMSS CRUISE EL: Science Technology Engineering Math and Social Studies Content for Relational Understanding and to Integrate Strategies in elearning

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The STEMSS CRUISE EL Project will set sail to support ELs and DLs in Arizona by providing effective PD to further educate, support, and empower teachers, administrators, staff and parents of ELs/DLs. This would build an equitable learning experience where teachers, parents and the community are provided with tools to support ELs/DLs and their academic language development. To do this ASU and AzGA will develop strong partnerships with LEAs that have large EL populations and that have established parent-school goals to support academic rigor and language acquisition opportunities for their children. As part of the PD, participants will design instructional materials that leverage the cultural and linguistic resources embedded in students homes and communities and incorporate evidence-based approaches for engaging ELs/DLs in STEMSS practices and discourse. In addition, the program will include online PD training and resources as well as teacher-created instructional materials that will support long-term sustainability and larger-scale impact across the state.
Effective start/end date8/31/178/31/21


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $2,656,624.00


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