SOF08001: Tests of SolFocus concentrating photovoltaic modules

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SOF08001: Tests of SolFocus concentrating photovoltaic modules SOF08001: Tests of SolFocus concentrating photovoltaic modules The Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory at Arizona State University (ASU-PTL) will conduct engineering tests on SolFocus Version 1 concentrating photovoltaic modules. The tests to be conducted are shown in the attached Test Quote Work Sheet. Tests as found in IEEE 1513 and IEe 61215 tests are shown in the left-hand column of the Test Quote Work Sheet. ASU-PTL will be seekIng to list lEe 62108 tests on its Scope of Accreditation, concurrently with the execution of this program. Although this would officially start out as an "engineering" program, ASU-PTL should be able to state whether the modules meet IEe 62108 standards or not by the program's completion. A total of SEVEN unconditioned modules and THREE receivers will be required to complete the test program. The Receivers will not be subjected to insulation testing. One receiver will be prepared with thermocouples for the Bypass Diode Thermal test. SolFocus is also responsible for providing the following items to ASU-PTL prior to the initial inspection of the modules: 1) One pair of mating connectors for each module; 2) Bypass Diode data sheets; 3) Module mounting/installation instructions; 4) Special installation hardware (if applicable). The tests to be conducted are based on the IEe 62108 standard and specific information provided to ASUPTL by SolFocus. If new information becomes available to ASU-PTL or if corrections must be made based on existing information at any point in the course of the testing, the test program may be modified to accommodate IEe requirements. ASU-PTL will transfer an lEe test data report to SolFocus upon completion of testing and test data review, regardless of the outcome of testing . . PTL will provide email status reports at various times throughout the test program to SolFocus. Modules submitted for testing will not be returned unless specifically requested by SolFocus. If a return of the modules is needed, all packaging, shipping arrangements and fees must be incurred by SolFocus. Unless ASU-PTL is notified in advance, all shipping materials will be disposed shortly after their arrival. ASU-PTL assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of modules following the completion of the test program. The Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory at Arizona State University is ISO 17025 accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). All tests performed under this agreement are on ASUPTL's Scope of Accreditation at the time of test.
Effective start/end date5/9/0812/31/09


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