Sesame Street serves Gila River Indian Community

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Sesame Street serves Gila River Indian Community Sesame Street serves Gila River Indian Community Arizona PBS is well-suited to participate in this project with its staff realigned and refreshed with new mission and goals focused on key performance indicators around diversifying and growing its audience through all digital programming efforts. New digital leadership is working closely to unite each of the endeavors Arizona PBS tackles to grow and improve its brand in the community. Arizona PBS education team has provided a significant foundation for outreach to young families, early childhood educators, and family, friend and neighbors across the state through the promotion and professional development opportunities from Sesame Street in Communities. Station data dashboards indicate 1,742 certificates were provided to Arizona educators for their work in SSIC curriculum through the Arizona Early Childhood Registry, administrated by Arizona PBS. Our station is particularly interested in this proposal for Public Media Champion because our team feels the digital content and opportunity to work virtually with a tribal community within Maricopa County is ideal. Arizona PBS Community Advisory Board (CAB) has two members actively engaged with the Gila Indian River Community and Arizona PBS has conducted Corporation for Public Broadcasting PBS Ready to Learn work with their library and families previously. Currently the Registry and college scholarship program is active within the community. Finally, our station would see the digital assets from Sesame Street in Communities help the trajectory of our digital station goals.
Effective start/end date12/4/204/30/21


  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB): $10,000.00


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