SCAPE2: Sustainable Communities and Place-based Education

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SCAPE2: Sustainable Communities and Place-based Education SCAPE2: Sustainable Communities and Place-based Education SCAPE 2 (Sustainable Communities and Place-based Education) is a pilot high school and community-based science education project combining online learning and field observations linked to living classrooms across the Mountain West. The program builds on successful curriculum design workshops with teachers and scientists, and provides opportunities for science teachers from 5 high schools across three States in EPA's Region 8 (including populations of low-income Native Americans and Latinos, and middle-income Caucasians) to learn both the science of water quality and the pedagogy of best practices for EE. SCAPE 2 is designed to improve students decision-making skills and achieve behavioral changes that foster a sense of stewardship and benefit the environment. Reflecting the focus on headwaters, our schools and partners are situated near high altitude sources of the Colorado or Columbia Rivers, where upwards of 80% of fresh water is delivered as rain and snow. Each school is paired with at least one local partner that will help to connect students with tangible issues in their communities and regions and provide real-world examples of career opportunities tied to environmental science. Master teachers, curriculum designers, and media/computer experts will meet in Year 1 to craft a prototype EE curriculum focused on water quality in the arid Mountain West. Classroom teachers will be introduced to SCAPE 2 through summer/fall 2019 workshops and online curricular materials throughout Year 2. In fall 2019, students will learn custom SCAPE 2 interfaces (maps, database, keyed resources) to identify and share water quality issues in their chosen EPA Region 8 site, and conduct fieldwork to measure water quality and supply. Using the SCAPE 2 interface, students will come to summative conclusions about the quality, supply, and utilization of water across the Mountain West. Student-led projects from local communities will highlight lessons learned and foster a sense of environmental stewardship and community citizenship. The SCAPE 2 model will be shared with regional educators online and presented at conferences focused on EE to report lessons learned and recruit new participants.
Effective start/end date9/1/1810/31/21


  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): $100,000.00


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