Regulation of the Plasma Triglyceride Extraction in Muscle in Insulin Resistance

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Regulation of the Plasma Triglyceride Extraction in Muscle in Insulin Resistance Regulation of the plasma triglyceride extraction in muscle in insulin resistance Resubmission Summary We thank the reviewers for the time and effort required to provide us with feedback that we believe has improved the revised proposal considerably. Key measurements proposed by the reviewers have been incorporated, and we substituted arterialized with arterial blood measurements. Dr. Eugene Barrett, an expert in the measurement of microvascular blood volume (MBV) using contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEU) in humans, will now provide expertise with respect to the MBV measurements. The forearm exercise trial has been replaced with an L-NMMA alone (no insulin) trial, to determine the effects of L-NMMA by itself on TG extraction. Evidence associating the TG extraction to the vascular function in muscle has now been incorporated in the Preliminary Data. We have also incorporated measurements of glucose kinetics. Unfortunately, there is no CTSA at Mayo Clinic Arizona to offset clinical studies costs (Mayo Clinic charges are detailed in the budget). The percent effort of the PI has now been reduced to 25% (from 42%). Below, we provide responses to the review critiques (reviewers comments are underlined, followed by the responses to the critique). Changes in the Research Plan from the original submission are indicated by the use of bold font.
Effective start/end date7/1/1212/31/16


  • American Diabetes Association: $549,131.00


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