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As explained in the proposal, this study aims to gather sufficient empirical evidence that
measures the baseline opinions of immigrants at arrival towards the host polity and panel data of
how and why these change during the critical months after arrival in different contexts.
This evidence has been extremely hard to obtain for two reasons :
1) Migrants are hard-to-reach populations, often on the move before settling down and
thus, there are no panel studies tracking their attitudes within the first weeks or months
after arrival.
2) Migration is a network driven phenomenon (Massey, 1987) and this has made it
difficult to isolate the effects of individual and group characteristics such as religion, or
experiences in the country of origin vis--vis the contextual conditions on attitudes and
behaviors towards the host polity
The proposed work is simply to finish recruitment in cities in Sweden, UK and France and
Germany as well as calls to follow up with respondents. As explained in the original proposal,
we need a big enough sample size in each proposed locality to estimate variation due to the local
context vis a vis individual characteristics. In addition, we need to follow up with respondents
who have agreed to participate in the panel and thus our interviewers will make approximately
600-1000 phone calls in the next six months.
Effective start/end date7/1/187/31/21


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $31,894.00


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