Recuperated Evaporative Cooler with Spiral Heat Exchanger

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Recuperated Evaporative Cooler with Spiral Heat Exchanger Recuperated Evaporative Cooler with Spiral Heat Exchanger Evaporative cooling is an economical alternative to reverse Rankine cycle vapor compression air conditioning. Systems that can shift peak load on the grid and operate more efficiently than currently available technology, are also of interest. It takes advantage of the cooling derived when water is evaporated which amounts to 1,054 BTU/lb at 70F. Evaporative coolers are sometimes called swamp coolers because the air they blow out, while cooler than the outside air, is more humid and can feel muggy, especially during the Arizona summer Monsoon season. Indirect evaporative cooling avoids putting additional humidity into the air by evaporatively cooling what is called working air which is exhausted outside and using a heat exchanger to cool another stream of air without adding humidity to it. A long time commercially available indirect pre-cooler for an evaporative cooler can be seen in this brochure: More recently, the Coolerado Corporation has developed the Coolerado Cooler which can be seen here : Their product which they say uses the Maisotsenko Cycle, is at its core nothing more than a large number of staged indirect evaporative cooling processes. They have won some awards and contests for their product, but with their tag line The Most Efficient Air Conditioners Made they have painted a target right in the middle of their back.
Effective start/end date8/26/137/31/14


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $25,000.00


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