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RaceB4Race: Sustaining, Building, Innovating RaceB4Race: Sustaining, Building, Innovating The goal of this project is to diversify the curricula, academic pipeline(s), popular narratives, and public-facing media and personnel for premodern literature, history, and culture. There is a robust body of premodern critical race scholarship (i.e., work that covers the ancient period up the 17th century) that has excavated the earliest formations and elements of systemic racism. While this research has begun to make an impact on our fields of study, for the most part it has not yet entered into higher education curricula and the wider public discourse about our premodern past. We know this because our colleagues and students routinely ask, Why havent I heard anything about this before? The proposed project, RaceB4Race: Sustaining, Building, Innovating, will build on the RaceB4Race collective, a network of premodern critical race scholars, to expand our efforts by including undergraduate students, graduate students, early career scholars, mid-career scholars, established scholars, and public intellectuals.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/24


  • Mellon (Andrew W.) Foundation: $3,500,000.00


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