PROMOTE: Afghan Women's Leadership in the Economy (AWLE)

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This Exhibit A to the Teaming Agreement (TA) sets out the anticipated role and Scope of Work of Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU (Thunderbird) as a Teaming Partner to DAI under the Afghanistan PROMOTE AWLE program, as currently contemplated by the parties.

The goal of AWLE is to increase womens equality and empowerment in economic spheres in Afghanistan. AWLE will provide opportunities for Afghan women to increase their participation in the mainstream, formal economy by securing employment with advancement potential and by helping women-owned businesses grow significantly. Through partnerships with Afghan organizations, the AWLE will determine needed inputs to the business environment in Afghanistan, and work with these organizations to increase capacity and put mechanisms in place to address these identified needs.

Under AWLE, Thunderbird will provide identification of information, curriculum, and other resources and networks which will support womens participation in the formal economy. Specifically, it is anticipated that Thunderbird will:

Support the development of customized and demand driven curriculum modules and business tools for the AWLE program that will help to enhance management and leadership capabilities within Afghan business owners. Additionally, Thunderbird faculty and staff will travel to Afghanistan or a regional location to perform capacity building training for Afghan partner organizations to deliver these tools and curricula.
Draw upon industry specific research, information, and networks around the world to enable Access to Market activities for the AWLE program, including any associated travel.
Manage a capstone entrepreneurship study program in the United States in Year three of AWLE, which will combine the successful SME assistance programs of Project Artemis and BPeace Fastrunner Apprenticeships for twenty Afghan women entrepreneurs who have been identified as having businesses with high potential for significant business growth.

It is understood that DAIs ability to allocate work to Thunderbird will depend on its ability to identify and mobilize qualified short-term experts to address the needs identified above, and the amount of work that is actually ordered by USAID under the AWLE Task Order that falls within the task area(s) above.

It is further understood that allocation of work to Thunderbird by DAI will also be dependent on continuing satisfactory performance of the subcontracted work pursuant to the terms of any resultant subcontract and the ability of Thunderbird to offer a competitive cost structure in their proposal.
Effective start/end date10/19/1510/31/18


  • US Agency for International Development (USAID): $827,049.00


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