Probabilistic Fatigue Life Prediction and Risk Assessment of Aging Bridges in Cold Regions

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Statement of Work at ASU Objectives The overall goal of the proposed project is to develop, validate and demonstrate a general damage growth and risk assessment methodology for aging bridges in cold regions. Five major objectives are identified: (1) Develop a general life prediction methodology for aging bridges considering small crack growth behavior and multiaxial cyclic load; (2) Develop a general methodology to include corrosion effect on the probabilistic life prediction of aging bridges in cold regions; (3) Develop a general random process representation of fatigue damage accumulation using Karhunen-Loeve expansion technique; (4) Develop and implement a methodology for multi-scale (material, component, and structure) reliability evaluation using both analytical and numerical simulation technique; (5) Develop a systematically integrated educational plan based on the proposed research activities and outcomes to improve both undergraduate and graduate curriculums at Clarkson University.
Effective start/end date8/8/127/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $39,996.00


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