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Portland Decision Theater Consulting Portland Decision Theater Consulting STATEMENT OF WORK For this project, our role will be to help (PSU) build a satellite decision theater and strategize about projects. We will perform the following work: 1) Going up to PSU, inspecting the room, and discussing the amount of money they are willing to spend on hardware. 2) Based on that, creating a specifications document that outlines what we would recommend buying. 3) Helping to create an initial outline of how AZSmart could be adapted to the new environment as OregonSmart (I would like to stress that this can only be preliminary, these things cost a lot of time). 4) Making a joint effort to identify areas of excellence across the universities and formalizing in which domains each group could potentially work. 5) Jointly identifying a larger project that we could go after with both of the universities.
Effective start/end date11/1/121/31/13


  • OTHER: Domestic Non-ABOR University: $15,000.00


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