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Physics Teacher Pipeline Project: A Comprehensive PhysTEC Site Physics Teacher Pipeline Project: A Comprehensive PhysTEC Site The need for qualified high school physics teachers has never been greater, yet ASU produces about one physics teacher per year. This three-year project proposes to increase the quantity, quality, and retention of physics teachers produced at ASU. The project includes an aggressive recruitment plan to identify and attract candidates from physics courses taken by students in physics and engineering majors both at ASU and at partner community colleges. A master teacher will be hired as a full time Teacher in Residence to assist in most areas of this project. Qualified undergraduate Learning Assistants will gain teaching experience in several teaching situations. A progressive new path to secondary certification with a physics concentration and multidisciplinary options will be developed with Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. A science education graduate student will be recruited to help with program assessment and new teacher induction and mentoring.
Effective start/end date8/1/127/31/13


  • NSF-MPS: Division of Physics (PHY): $97,368.00


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