Perceptions of Scientific Misconduct in the Natural and Social Sciences

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Perceptions of Scientific Misconduct in the Natural and Social Sciences Perceptions of Scientific Misconduct in the Natural and Social Sciences Goals: This study will contribute to the body of knowledge regarding scholars perceptions of scientific misconduct. In particular, we will assess scholars perceived frequency of a full range of forms of scientific fraud and misconduct, including fabricating research findings, falsifying research findings, plagiarism, and authorship fraud, as well as forms of resource mismanagement. Scholars perceptions of the seriousness of these forms of scientific misconduct will also be examined. Objectives: The project will generate a sample of PhD-level researchers from American universities, both from the natural and social sciences. We will develop scientific misconduct measures with strong construct validity, and will assess scholars perceptions of the prevalence and severity of misconduct in a multivariate context. The analyses will entail examining variables drawn from a number of criminological theories that have been empirically shown to be predictive of various forms of white-collar crime and fraudulent behavior. Outcomes: The study will produce an exhaustive list of survey items that will be made available in the investigators publications that future researchers can conveniently access. It will also contribute to the understanding of scientific misconduct by developing survey items that reflect a form of misconduct (i.e., resource mismanagement) that has yet to be empirically investigated. Finally, the development of an empirically-validated set of scientific misconduct measures will signify a clear and meaningful contribution to the research literature in this substantive area. Products: In addition to the final report required by ORI, the study will produce several high-quality conference papers, national and international presentations, and several peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals of general interest (e.g., Science). Study results will also be disseminated to the general public via media, and shared electronically.
Effective start/end date9/1/151/31/17


  • HHS: Public Health Service (PHS): $115,813.00


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