Perception of Arizona Grown Medjool Dates

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Perception of Arizona Grown Medjool Dates Perception of Arizona Grown Medjool Dates Arizona State University will facilitate increased sales of Medjool dates by developing target-oriented marketing activities based on identifying consumers perception of Medjool dates. Over the past few years, the gross production of Medjool dates has approximately doubled in Arizona, with the growing region increasing to over 3,000 harvested acres in 2014. As the supply of Medjool dates increases, consumer demand needs to increase correspondingly. The goal of this project is to create marketing and communication strategies that specifically target existing and potential customers of Arizona-grown Medjool dates. Employing eye tracking to analyze what consumers pay attention to when choosing Medjool dates reveals the labelling characteristics that catches their attention when shopping. This will lead to a better understanding of the gathering and use of information at the point of purchase. It will provide important insight in the marketing and labelling of the Medjool dates at the point of sale. This will then enable marketers to better understand shoppers and create consumer-oriented packaging strategies to more effectively communicate benefits of Medjool dates to specific consumer segments. In addition, a word association test is analyzed to elicit what consumers think of, when considering dates in general, and Arizona-grown Medjool dates in particular. For the analysis, we will draw on two consumer surveys. The first is from a national online consumer study comprising 3,000 participants. The second is from a consumer laboratory study comprising 118 participants. The models and related findings will be shared with Arizona specialty crop growers. Success will be measured in terms of insight, interest and implementation.
Effective start/end date9/25/188/31/21


  • Arizona Department of Agriculture: $79,165.00


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