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PDRI Tool for Small Projects Project Definition Rating Index Tool for Small Industrial Projects SCOPE OF WORK Arguably, FEP is the single most important process in the project lifecycle. Small industrial projects present challenges that are unlike those of larger projects, and consequently, successful planning and execution of these projects require unique approaches. Such projects are wrought with the risks of unknown conditions, frequently concurrent design and construction activities, and have limited, though often over-run, budgets. Some CII member companies focus extensively on industrial projects. Other CII member organizations are structured around construction of building and/or infrastructure projects rather than industrial-type projects. Yet, each of its members at some point plans and constructs small projects. Absent the right approach, small projects often end in cost overruns and less than optimal results. CII has long been quiet in this important area. This effort will build upon the work done in development of PDRI tools for industrial, infrastructure, and building projects over the past 19 years. This proposed work will, in effect, provide the missing link (small projects) of scope definition tools focused on the industry sectors served by CII. The 3rd edition of PDRI on industrial projects (RT 113) will be used as a starting point. The work will also take into consideration work done by the Small Project Action Team in 1991 and RT 161 in 2001. Moreover, the PIs will query CII member companies about existing small project PDRI-like tools that may be appropriate for small projects.
Effective start/end date9/1/1310/31/16


  • University of Texas-Austin: Construction Industry Institute: $311,709.00


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