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Outreach Partnership Program Support NIMH Outreach Partnership The Arizona State University Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (ASU-CABHP) is located in Phoenix, Arizona on the downtown campus. ASU-CABHP has distinguished itself in the implementation of training and technical assistance throughout the behavioral health community of Arizona, while concurrently engaged in applied social service research and evaluation at Arizona State University. Its long history of partnership in dissemination of information, capacity building and organizational development initiatives with state and local agencies, has contributed to the strengthening of publicly funded systems of care including primary care, behavioral health, criminal justice and child welfare. In partnership with UCLA, ASU-CABHP operates the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center for SAMHSA. In addition, ASU-CABHP served as one of the research centers of the NIDA-BJA funded Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies (CJDATS II). ASU-CABHP is administratively housed within the College of Public Programs and Community Solutions (CPPCS) and under the direction of its founder, Michael S. Shafer, Ph.D. The goals of the NIMH Outreach program 1) Foster widespread understanding about mental disorders, the brain, and behavior, thereby helping to reduce misperceptions and negative attitudes towards mental illness; 2) Build awareness of the role of basic, translational, and clinical research in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of mental illnesses; and 3) Promote understanding of the role that the public serves in advancing scientific discoveries; are consistent with our Centers mission is to improve practices, program implementation and policies of human service systems in service to the community. Drawing on extensive research and evaluation, we work to ensure that public policy and programs are grounded in scientific, evidence-based approaches that respond to the needs of the community. NIMH Outreach Partnership
Effective start/end date5/1/154/30/20


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $37,500.00


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