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Networked PalYnology Models of Pollen and Human Systems (NYMPHS) Networked PalYnology Models of Pollen and Human Systems (NYMPHS) The overall goal of this project is to make forensic palynology via metabarcoding a key operational contributor to national security, by equipping the DoD with a set of reliable, globally validated, and easy-to-use geocomputational tools, mathematical models, and SDMs for geolocating pollen samples. The NYMPHS toolbox will not only transform forensic palynology, but forensic science more generally, by allowing fine-scale geographic provenance determinations from a wide range of forensic sample types. This in turn will allow military and other related national security forces to track the locations associated with people and objects (laptops, IEDs, illicit trade products, etc.) that threaten US security. Lastly, our dynamic geospatial modeling framework will not only predict pollen provenance for samples, but it will also identify the potential paths traversed by people and objects through space and time radically extending the DoDs capabilities for understanding systemic patterns of global movement, key nodes, linkages and optimal sites for military interdiction.
Effective start/end date6/10/196/9/23


  • DOD-ARMY: Army Materiel Command (AMC): $3,750,000.00


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