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The project, entitled Multi-Anvil Cell Development Project, is a subcontract ofthe Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences (COMPRES). The purpose of this project is to develop high pressure assemblies and technology for the high pressure community, and the project is overseen by its PI's: Kurt Leinenweber, James A. Tyburczy, Thomas G. Sharp at Arizona State University, and Yanbin Wang at Argonne National Laboratories. This project has been active since the first year ofCOMPRES I, which was a 5-year project. The Consortium is now in COMPRES II, a second 5-year phase, and it is in Year 10. Thus, in total we are in the 10th year of the project. The project requires renewal every year. The current submission will represent years 11-15 of the ongoing project, years 1-5 ofCOMPRES III. There are two parts to this project - one is the development and testing of new high pressure cell assemblies, testing of new ceramics for high pressure applications, and development and testing of new high pressure x-ray assemblies for beam lines. The money in this grant is for this development, including materials, travel to beam lines, and publication and travel to meetings for dissemination. The other part of the project is the cost of sales part: the already developed and standardized assemblies are sold to the high pressure community and more materials are purchased using these proceeds.
Effective start/end date6/1/105/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $168,690.00


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