Motivating Bilingual Hispanic Youth Towards STEM and STEM Cognate Study and Careers (MIO STEM)

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Arizona State Universitys Center for Games and Impact will collaborate with its academic, media, and business partners to develop a comprehensive intervention program targeted to Hispanic middleschool students, their families, and their teachers. The programs goal is to build a trajectory of experiences within a game-enabled platform that youth, families, and teachers can access to support bilingual Hispanic middle-school students in developing the ability, confidence, and commitment to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) study and careers. We will use various media, and especially digital games and video clips to tap into the natural passion of youth for playing and making video games, for sharing and making video clips, and for wanting to have successful futures. The proposed program will be comprised of three components: (1) an innovative digital learning platform/network with STEM-based gaming modules; (2) game-enabled trajectories to support STEM study and careers; and (3) a comprehensive outreach program targeting Hispanic middle-school students, their families, and their teachers. Hispanic youth will have access to particular games and videos that while engaging in their own right, will be integrated as components of curated high-tech pathways designed to build 21st Century skills, confidence, and commitment for pursuing STEM careers. In the process, they will also build key 21st Century skills and enhance their English-language skills, and key competencies necessary for successful pathways to college. We will also provide practical information to support knowledge of college and the college admissions process to improve their chances of career success. One thousand, three hundred bilingual Hispanic middle-school students, their families, and their teachers will be involved in the program components over a three-year period.
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/18


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $1,199,011.00


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