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Mathematical & Theoretical Biology Institute Research Experience for Undergraduates) is requesting funding to go toward Summer Research Program. This funding will be used in the following areas:
Training and mentoring URMs students during an 8-week summer REU offered juniors
and seniors.
An advanced program for former MTBI students likely to enroll in graduate school.
Undergraduate research opportunities in applied math, stats, and theoretical biology
through self selected research questions designed to enhance student interest and
Students collaborate on their research with researchers from around the country and
Recognition for quality undergraduate research: technical reports (219 to date,
available online).
Research staff capable of mentoring student-initiated research leading to results
within a summer.
Efforts to recruit students who attend universities designated as minority serving
institutions and/or students from underrepresented groups who come from
economically disadvantaged families.
Monitoring student progress after MTBI to ascertain their success post-baccalaureate.
First-rate minority, non-minority and international faculty to teach, advise, and mentor
MTBI students.
Dissemination and visibility for participants research via presentations at SACNAS,
AMS/MAA Joint Math Meetings, the B.E.E.R annual meeting and other venues.
MTBI's Summer Colloquium Series and special workshops with renown researchers
to present current research, including industry, government lab researchers and
genomics researchers from NIH-sponsored centers, to enhance student opportunity
and workforce development.
Effective start/end date5/7/195/6/20


  • DOD: National Security Agency (NSA): $248,262.00


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