Materials Evaluation for ADOT Approved Products List

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Materials Evaluation for ADOT Approved Products List Task 19-Review of Detectable Warning Device Evaluation Guidelines Task 20-Meeting Attendance and Project Management This task order authorizes Arizona State University (ASU) to attend meetings in support of this contract. Materials Product Evaluation Committee (MatPEC) meetings are usually held quarterly. However, this schedule may vary. One ASU representative is authorized to attend each MatPEC meeting. Prior authorization (either written or verbal) from the ADOT project manager, Mr. Frank Darmiento, is required for additional representatives of ASU to attend a MatPEC meeting. From time to time, ASU attendance at other meetings or conferences may be necessary in support of this contract. Prior authorization from the ADOT Project Manager is required for ASU attendance at such events under this contract. ASU is also authorized to perform up to 12 hours per month in administrative tasks associated with this Task Order. ADOT Task 21 Task 19B supplement to XCS0280 JPA 08-015T Task 26 Supplement Request for Amendment JPA 08-15T
Effective start/end date7/1/088/27/11


  • ADOT: Research Center: $177,132.00


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