Life Cycle Assessment of Used Oil

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Life Cycle Assessment of Used Oil Used Oil Infrastructure Futures Life Cycle Assessment Scope of Work ASU will review and contribute input to UCSB's used oil material flow analysis and life cycle assessment. The general model structure, processes, transportation, and energy consumption modeling will be assessed and guidance will be provided on how to assess the major significance and uncertainty drivers in the model. ASU will also provide input to UCSB's oil displacement assessment model. ASU will develop future scenarios for used oil processes, energy use, and transportation that have been identified as major drivers of energy use and environmental impacts. ASU will assist UCSB in identifying the parameters that results are most sensitive to in the future and will provide guidance to UCSB modelers on ensuring results are modeled as accurately as possible.
Effective start/end date1/1/138/31/13


  • California Environmental Protection Ageny/ Cal Recycle: $20,034.00


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