Jonas Scholars 2018-2020

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Jonas Scholars 2018-2020 Jonas Scholars 2018-2020 We are applying for support for four (4) Nurse Leader Scholars (3 PhD, 1 DNP). We plan to leverage the payout distribution from an endowed scholarship fund to match each scholarship award from the Jonas Center. The sole requirement of the endowed scholarship fund is that the funds be used as scholarship support for nursing students. The payout distribution over the next two years will provide enough funding to cover the scholarship match for four PhD student scholars. The College will cover the required travel funds for students through revenues generated by our Annual Dream Discover Deliver event. If needed, travel funding can be supplemented through the general College Investment Fund.
Effective start/end date8/1/187/31/20


  • Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare: $20,000.00


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