Jawbone Step Sleep Validation

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Jawbone Step Sleep Validation Jawbone Step & Sleep Validation The use of wearable sensors to detect daily behaviors is growing exponentially. Commercial devices, such as the Jawbone Up band, are used in the general population to give feedback on behaviors and support healthy lifestyle change. The validity of these types to accurately measure key health behaviors is not fully understood. The purpose of the project is to validate the Jawbone Up band, a wrist-worn accelerometer that measures both physical activity steps and sleep quantity/quality, against research-grade devices known to accurately detect these behaviors. The laboratory-based validation will consist of 285 participants that would perform a series of known activities across the activity spectrum including sitting, standing, walking and running behaviors. This will be followed by a 4-day free-living validation, where 24-hour validation will occur to assess agreement with research-grade devices for daytime steps and nighttime sleep quantity/quality. This project will establish additional evidence to support the use of the Jawbone Up in the general population to accurately measure behaviors known to impact health.
Effective start/end date5/5/1312/15/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $257,234.00


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