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ITAOP 23*386 - Revenue Replacement ITAOP 23*386 - Revenue Replacement III. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES ISA-ARPA-ASU-010123-01 Page 2 of 4 Grantee shall: A. Utilize these funds to reimburse general government services under the tax conformity requirements of CARES and ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, in accordance with Memo A, incorporated into the agreement in its entirety. B. Grantee funds made available by this revenue replacement shall be utilized to support government services. C. Grantee shall conduct project/program activities in accordance with Addendum 4, incorporated into this Agreement in its entirety. D. Maintain a tracking of total expenditures and report to OSPB on metrics as established in the preproject requirements. IV. MANNER OF FINANCING The shall: A. Provide to Grantee a total award amount of up to $92,000,000.00 for activities outlined in Section III. B. Transfer funding to Grantee upon execution of this agreement. Any unused funding pursuant to this agreement at the termination date shall be transferred back to the Office of the Governor and the remaining balance of the award de-obligated. C. The CFDA/Assistance Listing is 21.027 for all activity associated with this agreement. As part of receiving these funds, all revenue received must remain in a singular dedicated fund and all expenditures made must be directly from the same. D. Questions regarding the appropriate use of the funds shall be resolved by mutual written agreement between Grantee and GVA. Grantee shall: A. Submit requests for reimbursement (invoices) for actual expenses incurred by the program. Grantee shall submit these requests for reimbursement at a minimum of monthly but not more frequently than once per week. B. Not charge any payroll expenses tied to object codes 6183 or 6185. C. Not charge any payroll expenses tied to object code 6047 or prior period time record adjustments if they relate to payroll from prior to the effective date of this Agreement. D. Assure that any expenses reimbursed under this Agreement have not been or will not be reimbursed under any other federal program.
Effective start/end date7/1/227/31/24


  • US Department of the Treasury (Treasury): $92,000,000.00


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