IPEN: Adult: International Study of Built Environments and Physical Activity

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Dr. Adams has been part of the IPEN Adult study since the first year of funding (now in the 4th year). He led the development of the common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) protocol and Quality Control process for the Adult study. This process allows for comparable built environment variables to be created using common definitions and procedures across international settings. As an investigator of the Adult study, he will continue to oversee GIS data collection and quality control process across 12 countries. He will coordinate this process using existing templates and tools and by frequently communicating and problem solving with GIS teams in each participating country. He will provide continuity to the GIS data collection and maximize lessons learned over the last 3 years since the study began. He will also participate in the methods and procedures for other measures particularly as they support fidelity among the newer sites participating in this multi-country study. Dr. Adams will contribute to study teleconference meetings, reports to the principal investigator, GIS database development, GIS comparability evaluations, statistical analyses, interpretation of results, manuscript writing, and dissemination activities.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/13


  • HHS-NIH: National Cancer Institute (NCI): $17,109.00


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