Integrated Technology Tools for Optimizing Instruction and Assessment Results for Students with Disabilities

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Abstract Researchers have identified practice-in-use issues with CBM platforms frequently used by teachers. To address these CBM implementation issues, this project will develop technology tools and professional development (PD) resources necessary to integrate data on instruction and assessment from easyCBM, a widely used evidence-based CBM platform, and MyiLOGS, an online teacher daily log for documenting instructional actions. Based on our logic model, this new integrated instructional and assessment technology tool will provide teachers of students with disabilities (SWD) resources to ensure the instructional adequacy of progress monitoring and optimize the implementation of Common Core Math Standards instruction for SWD. An iterative development and implementation process will result in an innovative Integrated Instructional Progress Monitoring (I2PM) system featuring: (a) online PD modules to support teachers high fidelity implementation and use of the technology, (b) an integrated curriculuminstruction- assessment (CIA) portal to document Common Core Standards instruction and easyCBM progress monitoring and benchmark test results, and (c) quarterly online feedback reports that integrate instructional actions with students assessment results to prompt subsequent instructional plans. To achieve the projects end goal of an effective I2PM system, the developers of easyCBM and MyiLOGS will partner with elementary teachers and students for 5 years to implement, evaluate, and disseminate the technology tool and the resources needed to support its ongoing use. A multi-method evaluation also will provide periodic performance feedback and documentation of outcomes (products and services) for teachers and SWD. Finally, research reports will be widely disseminated to advance adoption of successful practices and tools.
Effective start/end date10/1/139/30/19


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $2,499,688.00


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