Integrated Biodosimetry System (IBiS) for High Throughput Medical Care After Radiologic and Nuclear Events

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The first stage of IBiS (WP1) will be to engage the partnership working to define a detailed user requirement that will satisfy the critical requirements of both BARDA and FDA gene expression-based biodosimetry guidelines. Areas to be agreed will include each of the constituent parts of the gene expression analysis process including sample collection, stabilization/transportation, preparation, quantification/detection, and interpretation of the genomic profile, and their integration into a high throughput system. The outcome of this exercise will be an agreed requirement from which the deliverables can be checked and modified appropriately. The next stage of the project (WP2) will require work on the automated high throughput prototype workstation. This will take into account the learning from previous work carried out between the collaborative member groups to expedite the development of the process. Key processes to integrate into the system for the biodosimetry system are: Enhancements to the sample preparation (e.g. lysis or RNA extraction chemistry process and automated fluidic system) Optimization of the radiation array and inclusion of self-normalized array with qNPA chemistry to normalize the qNPA assay, Modified and optimized data interpretation software for the proper high throughput analysis of sample.
Effective start/end date12/17/095/1/18


  • HHS: Office of the Secretary (OS): $34,685,397.00


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