Inspark Science Network for Postsecondary Success in Entry Level science for Disadvantaged Students (the "Project")

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Inspark Science Network for Postsecondary Success in Entry Level science for Disadvantaged Students (the "Project") Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Next Generation Courseware Challenge: Inspark Science Network for Postsecondary Success in Entry Level Science for Disadvantaged Students (the Project). Arizona State University is a key partner in the Inspark Science Network project and a key pilot site for the courseware to be developed. As such, ASUs agreed responsibilities are outlined below. 1. ASU will provide Academic Leadership during the Inspark Project: a. Professor Ariel Anbar will be the Academic Lead of the Inspark Science Network. b. ASU will provide Curricular and Pedagogical Leadership in the development of science courseware. c. ASU will ensure the development and delivery of transdisciplinary curricula for two Smart Courses. This should include a trans-disciplinary curricula. d. Activities of the Academic Lead and other Faculty and Administrators at ASU may include: identifying and engaging researchers and teachers to contribute to the development of the courseware; hosting, attending, and speaking at events and workshops; supporting media communication efforts; and otherwise supporting the Inspark Project in its endeavors. e. Expected delivery dates are: i. 30 June 2015 for the Are We Alone? astrobiology-themed Smart Course ii. 30 June 2016 for the Contagion biomedical-themed Smart Course 2. ASU will be a key deployment site during the Inspark Project: a. ASU will continue to offer Habitable Worlds as an online course for non-science majors for the duration of the project. b. ASU will also deploy all courseware developed in other streams of the Are We Alone Smart Course, based on astrobiology. c. ASU will consider deploying courseware developed in the Contagion Smart Course. d. ASU will contribute to meeting 20% of the Inspark Projects student enrolment milestones. ASUs proposed student enrolment milestones are: i. 2,500 students used Inspark courseware by June 30, 2016 ii. iii. 15,000 students used Inspark courseware by December 31, 2016 30,000 students used Inspark courseware by December 31, 2017 e. ASU will endeavor to provide access to data as required by the Inspark research and evaluation team or third-party evaluation teams. 3. ASU will actively support the development of the Inspark Science Network: a. ASU will facilitate the use of HabWorlds courseware at Community Colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District and other Community Colleges in Arizona, for example through articulation agreements that allow students to transfer credit to ASU. b. In the event that the Inspark Science Network is founded as a Not-For-Profit institution, ASU will be offered to be a founding partner. c. ASU will engage in activities and communication during the develop of the network.
Effective start/end date4/15/156/30/18


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $470,000.00


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