Innovation and Commericalization for Advanced Manufacturing

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Personnel Todd Hardy, JD, Associate Vice President of Economic Affairs within the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at Arizona State University (ASU) will serve as a senior advisor to the Greater Economic Council (GPEC) for the duration of the project. Currently Hardy leads the universitys efforts to create alliances with local, state and national markets, to promote economic development and advance sponsored research projects. Hardy has a wealth of professional experience and came to ASU following leadership roles at g inc and Columbia University. These roles were preceded by a 25-year career as corporate counsel to Fortune 500 and NASDAQ firms. Hardy is familiar with business leadership and has been involved in the formation and development of many start-up enterprises. Hardy will work closely with project director Kathleen Lee and GPEC, and lead efforts from ASU on this proposal. He is budgeted at 3.5 hours per calendar month; and this commitment will at the minimum include weekly meetings with GPEC. Dr. Gregory B. Raupp, director of Macro Technology Works (MTW) Initiative at Arizona State University (ASU), will serve as a technical advisor to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) for the duration of the project. Dr. Raupp is the founder and former director of ASUs Flexible Display Center and currently directs MTW an initiative designed to expand flexible electronics and advanced manufacturing activities at ASU. He is a senior leader and motivating force for leveraging existing manufacturing capabilities in the Phoenix area and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in advanced manufacturing. With over 25 years experience working in support of ASUs research mission and over 100 million dollars in sponsored research and technology development funding from the federal government and industry as PI or co-PI over his career, he has unparalleled credentials that are aligned closely with this project and a deep connection to the valley. As technical advisor, he will work closely with Kathleen Lee, Vice President of Research and Strategy from GPEC and will be responsible for reviewing and providing input on programmatic activities, connecting resources across ASU and GPEC, and liaising ASUs leadership, researchers and industry partners with GPEC and the project consultant to achieve the project goals. He is budgeted at 3.5 hours per month. It is expected that his engagement will consist of, at a minimum, weekly one-hour teleconferences or face-to-face meetings with Ms. Lee. Dr. Cody Friesen, associate professor of materials science at ASU will serve as an advisor to GPEC for the duration of the project. Friesen is a co-founder of Fluidic Energy, a company which is working on revolutionary battery design and hopes to create a rechargeable metal-air battery, which potentially could hold 10 times as much energy as lithium devices but at a much lower cost. Friesen received the accolade of being named among the MIT TR35 in 2009. Friesen is budgeted at 3.5 hours per month, during this time he will engage with both the ASU and GPEC research teams. Gordon McConnell, MBS, Executive Director for Venture Acceleration at ASU will serve as an advisor to GPEC for the duration of the project. Within ASU McConnell is responsible for startup programs, working with internal ASU companies (staff, faculty and students) and other external groups. The work done by Venture Acceleration at ASU creates initiatives which support the wider entrepreneurial community within Arizona. McConnell is budgeted at 3.5 hours per month, and during this time he will liaise with the ASU and GPEC research teams.
Effective start/end date10/1/133/31/15


  • DOC: Economic Development Administration (EDA): $35,000.00


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