Improving Asthma Control through mHealth-Based Home Monitoring

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ASU will be responsible for Task 2 under Aim 1, design an implementation of a data management platform for the project. ASU will design and implement software to acquire and store data on tablet devices in the home, and securely transmit this data to a central database managed on a server at CNMC. ASU will also design and implement a secure web application allowing clinicians to track end user task completion rates and export datasets from the database for analysis by 3rd-party tools. ASU will be responsible for validation activities under Aim 1, Task 3, to ensure the correctness of the delivered implementation. Dr. Kevin Gary, the PI for ASUs tasking on this project, will also lend his software engineering expertise to other activities under Aim 1, Tasks 1 and 3, to provide feedback to team members on technical solutions. Dr. Gary will be responsible for the overall design, implementation, and administration of the project work, and will employ an hourly graduate student for 20 hours per week for the project duration and a second hourly graduate student for 4.5 months to assist with software implementation.
Effective start/end date8/19/147/31/16


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $44,708.00


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