Impact of System-Wide Contextualization of Math in Rural Arizona Colleges on Producing More Qualified Technicians (SFAz+8 CXM)

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Math and CTE faculty from eight rural Arizona Community Colleges will work collectively to alleviate challenges students face in technical math that prevent them from completing their technical credentials. The Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) Center for STEM at Arizona State University (ASU) will facilitate the faculty-led SFAz+8 Rural Arizona Contextualized Math (CXM) College Collaborative, a group that has previously worked to increase the STEM pipeline in rural Arizona. Each college will, as it best suits them locally either embed math knowledge and credits into their career and technical education courses or contextualize their technical math courses with modules from their most prominent technical courses. As contextualized curriculum modules are developed, adapted or implemented, they are shared in the STEM Network, a common resource and repository, for use by other colleges. The collaborative, and each alliance formed around a contextualization method, will meet monthly or as needed to share resources, data, best practices and discuss experiences with each approach. The collaborative process will be captured and documented for use to support future projects within and beyond this Collaborative. With CTE and Math faculty and administrators from each institution participating, this collaborative seeks to move the needle on CTE completions across Arizona in the most efficient and effective manner possible and in a broad way that each resource-limited institution would have been unable to do by themselves.
Effective start/end date5/1/194/30/22


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $599,929.00


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