IIBR Informatics: Leaping over the Natural History Digitization Gap: Connecting Novel Tools, Machine Learning and Community Science to speed up specimen label digitization efforts

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As one of the lead software development teams for the Symbiota biodiversity data management software platform, ASU BioKIC informatics team will provide software modifications that extend Symbiotas interoperability with improved data exchange capabilities with external systems. ASU will work collaboratively with Notes from Nature (NfN), GeoLocate, and the Gazetteer developers to establish software infrastructure that allows images and processed label data to flow readily between each of the data processing centers. In particular, ASU developers will work on the following developments: (1) Symbiota API web services that provide support for data to programmatically flow to and from source collections being managed within Symbiota and the NfN and Gazetteer data processing centers. (2) Development of data management control panel(s) built into Symbiota that will allow collection managers to interact directly with the NfN and Gazetteer processing centers to facilitate the submission of unprocessed records and image URLs, the retrieval of processed label data, and full monitoring of the status of submitted jobs. (3) Database schema modification that would allow tracking of NfN and Gazetteer data submission and harvesting events. (4) The extension of Symbiotas data versioning system to better support tracking and review capabilities of data annotations imported from external system. (5) Implementation of a quality rating system that will rate accuracy and precision of geographic coordinates, identifications, and overall record completeness.
Effective start/end date1/15/2112/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $48,033.00


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