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Health Impact Project, Tempe Health Impact Project, Tempe The following proposal is for the Health Impact Project to fund the City of Tempe and its partners at ASU to collect temperature and public health data during extreme heat days in the summer of 2019 to advise actions in the 2019 CAP. Moreover, the proposal will help to develop a series of methods and a research agenda to ensure 3 Tempe and ASU are set to collect additional data to inform the more comprehensive 2020 CAP. The proposed heat assessment tools and heat policy creation process will allow the City of Tempe and ASU to quickly demonstrate how health data can guide infrastructure design and decision-making. To ensure successful policy recommendations, during the summer of 2019, the project will integrate a citywide survey (heat and health). This survey will be the baseline for the City to create broad policies. Complementing the survey, we will use a neighborhood microclimate assessment (playground and public space assessments) on one Tempe neighborhood, participatory heat assessments (heat walk event), and integrate that data to build a climate action co-design workshop (infrastructure design). The workshop will have to goal of co-producing solutions with residents. While the citywide survey serves to sample all Tempe neighborhoods (also known as character areas) views on heat and health, these neighborhood activities are intended to be repeated in other Tempe neighborhoods and will inform neighborhood climate actions and cool space design guidelines in Tempe to support safe outdoor use. These three neighborhood scale activities have been already tested by ASU researchers. ASU researchers have demonstrated how there tools can be used in decision-making (i.e. playspace design), but this effort will be the first time in Tempe that a suite of heat assessment tools is used to inform design and decision-making.
Effective start/end date7/1/191/31/20


  • Pew Charitable Trusts DC: $49,986.00


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